Edmund Spenser Stole My Girlfriend

by Wrap Around

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released October 1, 2013

Written and performed by Andrew Yoho.
Additional vocals, guitar, and keyboard by Scott McGough
as well as it was recorded by him ok



all rights reserved


Wrap Around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I probably should have thought more about the title of the band...

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Track Name: Senseo Te Ipsum
I'm so lift up, over-grown, pulp machine gun, coarse and moan,
"Stockholm syndrome"
At the door, fuck for more, lap and laugh upon the floor.
Tiger on the run, jump the gun, and yeah,
I know you're having fun,
but let me go.

This is a catchy song that I wrote for you, girl:
Go to Hell.
And now you've ditched the mire,
you say you're all brand new,
like you can tell.

You say you're fallin', and fallin' fast,
you take a laugh and you're laughin' last
and all your smiles go on for miles.
You're skin and bone,
you're just a child.

This is the Deus Ex Machina.
Senseo te ipsum.
Track Name: Defeater
True, there was a time I was in love with you,
until you reached for more than I would give.
And echoing in the bathroom is the sound of my defeat,
pleading with the plus signs on my knees.
For nine months, I was torn between hatred and a lie:
I wanted you dead while I wanted to die.
And I felt you everyday in my own fragile frame,
tearing at me from the inside.
My belly still is big, while I hold you in my arms
and the wraith of you and the wrath of him are one.
But someday soon, they'll flee, like the singing of a song,
but you my love, will help me to move on.
Track Name: Running From You
Drop the act and talk to me.
I'm moving fast and starting to think
that you don't care at all.

And give me your nepotism crown,
the mess you made that's pulling me down,
or the barbs you pulled over my eyes.
I can't see.

And it's been so long since I've written down
anything worth keeping me around
but you still won't let me leave.
But I wanna go
running from you.
Track Name: Water Soluble
Somewhere rural,
a woman takes a sensible blade to her child,
dices him up so that his soul may live free.
The soil gets plowed, and all the cows cry out
in heat.
A steer goes mad and in his fury, pulverizes
the son’s soul, which got caught between his horns
and a rival’s haunch.
There’s no light source here.
No room for shadows, no shadow cast.
It’s quiet, and still.
Surely, something moves in this darkness,
something so perfectly silent, so brutally sound.
So I sit in my corner, and think about my pulse.
Motion becomes sound.
I’m laying by a stream.
The earth hangs over the water, and
my finger tips feel it rush by,
like a child running gaily under a sun’s beams,
breaking over a horizon like a woman’s climax.
A guttural sound,
and I’m a part of it.
Every time my lungs expand, every stone which
gets washed by the holy mother.
My eyes close and I am the stone which gathers
a slime.
What is the value of a soul?
Why call out to nothing?
Why make anything when you know something will kill it?
They took the ichor and put it in motors.
Machines function for a purpose, and this
machine’s purpose is a form of growth.
But the metal oxidizes, and the ichor runs out.
The vats go empty, save for a hardened rot.
A man appeals for blood.
The vat is filled.
A system is made, and we are a product.
We are the new god, the one which bows down to memory.
And children inject heroin into their circulatory system.
And girls pollute their bodies and men pollute their minds.
Rocks and weeds set to clubs and butcher.
It’s no mockery, but divine intervention.
How fitting, that we kill what we deserve.
We’re so fucking strong, so very entitled.
“How dare we be so?
What right presents itself?
How dare you love us, you who knows nothing?
We know nothing.”
A head hung, a gun goes off.
Oedipus and Elektra lie in a heap of blood and brain matter.
The killer walks out the front door into a dewy morning air.
I think there is some sort of electrical current
running from human to human.
But I’m pulled into churning currents.
Warm salt water slips in and out my mouth,
I tumble down,
further and further, the space between tectonic
plates sucking me down,
down into those fissures of ancient fearlessness.
My breath grows tight, my limbs are confused,
and I die on a poker table.
I’m coughing up whiskey,
and a dog is being beaten to a mushy pulp in the corner.
My eyes are watering, and my water-logged ears
can’t tell from the yelps of the dog to the man gleefully
kicking it, hollaring and laughing.
I stumble over chairs,
slipping on what fluids line the floorboards.
I think of how they’ll dry, in what patterns…
On my hands and knees, now, I reach out carefully.
Just under my fingers, I feel the warm moisture.
The man must have left, because all I can hear is a
panting, a light heaving; lungs crush air just under my tips.
But something’s wrong.
This dog is shaved.
My eyesight clears to the sight before and slightly under me.
It’s a woman,
hair strewn across her face, clamped in sweat.
What fluids have seeped into my jeans?
The glass in my head sings, and there’s so much red.
I think I’ve killed this woman.
A tiger was caught in the forest,
poaching the fox.
Feed the children.
Track Name: How'd You Know?
How'd you know
I've been so cold?
I'll go inside
or run and hide,
but how'd you know?

I will take
all your time,
but leave right now
and you'll be fine.
You should have known.

You should have known
that I can't be trusted
with anything, no more,
that I am worthless
and I am just a whore.

So, how'd you know
I couldn't hurt you if I tried?
And oh, how I tried...
But how'd you know?
How would you know?
How'd you know?
Track Name: You Have A Body
Turning back the clocks again,
Taking back my time.
You'll be left with all the rest
and I will be just fine.

Say you'd like to try again,
just like you always do,
taking half my best again
and leaving me half used.

And I can't help but be your friend,
I try so hard to live.
Why can't you take it all away?
There's so much left to give.

Please say that there's a reason to abuse
that I love you.
I loved you.
I liked you,
I had you,
I hate you.
Track Name: Ararat
Summer's past, I can hear the snow
that lingers, soft and low.
My focus draws away from you
and harbors my bones.
The soul that I always tried to hide
is over, overgrown.
And the clarity of you and me
has had a way of being known.

The ones I love pull away from me
and I don't really mind.
The years will bleed into the sea.
My vessel's all I'll need.

I'll see you someday soon.
The ropes that keep us tethered here
were really meant to guide us home.
Track Name: Petrichor
While you run around
chasing that girl you found
in the street

Cradle your head with mine
and tell you, "You will be fine,
when she's gone."

I left you in the crush,
with my words clinging to
the skin my lips touched.
All along, you looked on...

And I couldn't say how I missed you this much.
And I couldn't say that I loved you this much.