Tacklebox EP

by Wrap Around

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    For some reason, I couldn't put Panopticon on here, but hey, that thing had mistakes in it, anyway.




released June 4, 2012

Of course, I did not write Hate Breeders, for that, you'll have to thank the Misfits.




Wrap Around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I probably should have thought more about the title of the band...

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Track Name: Stegosaurus
Big Stegosaurus, wanderin' through the woods
Biting and 'ascratchin', and 'aswingin' just like he should.
And oh, how the girl, her eyes pierced right through his veins!
And that Stego' knew he'd never be the same!
Oh yeah.

The girl's name was Lucy,
and she loved that Stego', sure.
But the child thrashed all the while as she bore.
It's birth was a mess, and it rended its mom in twain
And that Stegosaur', he sure felt alot of pain!
Woo, oo!

High on a cliff, in a heavy downpour
Was that child, and his father, the Stegosaur.
He jumped from the cliff, taking his precious babe!
And may their souls be able to rest in peace.

Stegosaur', Stegosaur', Stegosaurus.
Track Name: House of Usher
Ball-bearing, chain-link smile
Wretched up and pumpin' bile
(My) Skin's slick and seeping wet
Eyes battin' hint at sex

And a heart sick with envy,
A hand full of greed
Lungs full of whiskey,
Beggin' for weed, ahh

Pixie dust numbing my gums
Tapeworm and subset slums
Stasis fryin' my brain
The complex of Abel and Cain

Take me down!
To vacuum-sealed rot-pit,
A little crust 'round the edge
Take your sister to bed, ooo.
Track Name: Anthem for the End of the World
This is the anthem to the end of the world,
The happy union of knife to throat.
The gullet's crying, the blood stains red.
In a few moments we'll all be dead.
I knew we knew what we were doin';
This was no accidental end.
And after all this time we've spent learnin'
We've found there's nothing to amend.

We all return to dust
We want to get back to the sky
We end because we must
Ours isn't to question why...
But why?