In the Morning, I'll Be Sober, But You'll Still Be Beautiful

by Wrap Around

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songs i wrote between august 2013 and june 2014.
if you have any questions or think that a song may be about you, please ask me and i can clear it up with you.
i apologize in advance.


released December 8, 2014

photo of linus the dog taken by Mike Dolan
additional vocals by Rosemary Emmerling



all rights reserved


Wrap Around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I probably should have thought more about the title of the band...

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Track Name: The Past Year Has Been Soft and Frantic
last time i saw you,
we ran until we choked.
i sprang to life to touch you,
i prayed i wouldn't go.

each day i pass the hours,
each thought left unexposed.
i drank to be forgotten,
i longed to be composed.

silent and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to heal.
the silence is begging and stalwart and baiting and taking its time to ration away my will
and i cannot see what the victory will be when all of my friends left me,
the omens, the crutches, the backwater touches of courage and hospice keeping me awake.

and how can you say that things will be fine
when you're gone?
and how could i belong?
you stay then you go
and i feel so alone so fast.
the breaks in my bones
and the breaks in my home are too vast.
Track Name: Long Nights On Sugar and Salt
my vacant home screams obscene
i'll burn it down this halloween
we shed our skin, we come alive
a pilgrimage, a place to die

we can find somewhere new to live

you're holding on to what you left
i sold my soul to a life of theft
our loveless games of want and need
celibate names of ghosts of greed

we can find someone new to love

the night turns slow
my frame grows old
the evening glow
a sluice so cold
and i cant tell if i exist
is all i see the life i missed?

it's all a dream to me
Track Name: criminal//cute
i'm stealing the time i've got with you
and reeling seems like all i've got to do
cuz my heart throws to all of the winds of everyone else's
songs they chose for dealing with their pain.

you're hating how we've been here before, hesitating.
well, which do you hate more?
you're life in hues of purple macabre, unable to stop her,
or be refused by every other girl who loves you more?

still searching for ties to keep you there.
you're hope is perching on the chance that we still care
for all your tales of righteous repugnance and straying from foregrounds.
if all else fails, you've still got the badge for biggest fake in town.
Track Name: Be With Me As I Am, When You Can
the light is sliding off your skin.
it's been so long since i've been in your good graces
and i can sort of taste
your love for everyone who doesn't put their hand down your pants.
oh, how i wish you would come home to me.

the weighty thrull of all things red.
keep trying to help me, but i just run instead
to all these heavy spaces.
i singed your ears on my way out,
poured my clothes on and became my dad.
i'll always leave

ice inside my head,
snow between my legs,
waiting for things to change
waiting for things to change
why can't you just tell me how you feel?
Track Name: But It's Okay
stay with me or stay away from me.
I can make any words sound true,
but why won't you say what i want you to?
"i'll still go out
i'll still get high without you"

let me in

warm my feet
you see yourself as you were
fall asleep
and i'll go out,
i'll get high and god won't see my soul.
Track Name: I've Got A Can of Light Bulbs With Your Name On It
restless sleep
the air is sticky around me
empty are the streets all around
i can't leave

one person limit

miss the day
i woke in the hall
i stay away

shed my skin till i'm alone
one person limit

i've done too many bad things
to be proud of myself for anything
Track Name: Shortcut
i counted all the holes in your house
and we had sex when i was by myself
i couldn't bring the pillars down
that kept you all living successful lives
i taste blood in my teeth

i almost said, "what do we do now?"
before i began to question how
it matters what we say or do
you live your life, i'll live mine too
and we have evil in our mouths

i always say what fits me best
my words prestapled to my chest
waiting at the station,
waiting for you to fuck things up
so you can love me when you do

i drank when i came to the river
i drank when i fell into the river
Track Name: There's Plenty of Good [Somewhere (Else)]
i still feel lucky when i look at the sky
and i know that's something stupid to say.
i exceed my expectations when i'm held to the flame
of vapid aspirations keeping me quite the same and calm.

a stagnant state's excused for all.
sometimes we hate, it's okay to fall
and it's not bullshit if you forget to call me out.

you look for support
you're walking upon me
trying love out for sport
spike my whiskey with coffee
and i can't think straight
i'm spelling the world out for you
you say, "do you think so?"
but baby what can you do with someone new?

i suck in my gut
i burn life at both ends
i try not to hurt you
i'm infinitely thin
and i've got a place on my bookshelf for all of the shit
i don't write into songs cuz i know that if i did i'd seem okay
Track Name: Looks Like This Year Will Be, Too
i filled out all my curves,
i grew into a man.
is this not what you wanted?
i couldn't make you wait,
i came when i was called.
still couldn't keep myself hard at all.

i want to touch your face,
i want you to want me to.
cut off my living tension.
remind me when to breathe,
remind me when to go
cuz i can't let myself out alone.

indebted to myself, invested in the cause
and i'm anxious just to be here.
white grease under the floor,
my heart is caked with lime,
cumbersome and alkaline.

i am water color in your hands
i am stains of all that wasn't planned
cut me open i am filled with mud
and i just can't wait to go back to bed
Track Name: Line Output
we are we are we are and we
never touch never touch down there
there is there is there is and there's
bottoms up bottoms up to the slow heart of null
i'll say i'll say i'll say i want
melody melody in the soft space in bed

if contractions of your skin
were all i were, i think that would be fine
Track Name: Digging Up Failed Cypresses
it starts with a bagpipe
i'm sorry your dog died
and we can't keep food down
cuz it's not what we need now
you weren't there to catch me
when i fell
i'll be alright

i think

you keep your head
off of my tracks
i won't say no
your bones will crack
under the weight
of distance
of dissonance
of distance

the water runs through you
your circuit is closing
in black lines and white noise
your garden is growing
and i'll be alright
i'll be all that you ever dreamed
Track Name: Your Hands On the Back of My Neck Are A Nightmare
it was late last night
i could see the light
from where i was lain
through your window pain

and i thought of you
while i screamed in vain
they were boys you knew
so you don't know my name

you once shared my bed
next to Ladoga
drinking cheap vodka
now the street runs red

something i forget
as i fade to black...