by Wrap Around

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i started writing this in 2013
its taken a lot to get it recorded
i'm bad with co-operation

"Little House of Their Own" lyrics are taken directly from J.M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan
i figured he wouldn't mind



released July 1, 2016

Rosemary Emmerling - vocals, tracks 1, 2, 3, and 6
Sean Riffe - vocals, track 3
Artwork by Bella Sprenkel



all rights reserved


Wrap Around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I probably should have thought more about the title of the band...

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Track Name: I. Peter Breaks Through
Seperate from my soul
I can fix it on my own
Say you've never flown?
Well, girl, let me take you home.
Peter, why do you cry
Yet dance all through the night?
A thimble for your thoughts
And, in the end, it's all you've got...
The moon looms bright and close
We sit and talk alone
And I can't keep it down,
The love that you have sewn.
Straight on till first light
Lost and taking flight
Need I remind you who I am
As we drift to Neverland?
Track Name: II. A Little House of Their Own
I wish I had a little house,
the prettiest ever seen,
with funny little red walls
and a roof of mossy green
We've built the little walls and roof
and made a lovely door
so tell us, mother Wendy,
what are you wanting more?
Oh, really, next I think I'll have
gay windows all about
with roses peeping in, you know,
and babies peeping out.
We've made the roses peeping out,
the babies are at the door
we cannot make ourselves, you know,
coz we've been made before!
Track Name: III. Lost Boys
Why love when you could fall apart?
And why wait, when you can pretend?
Warm my heart
Play your games
Tuck you in
Keep awake
I see myself
as you all see me
I'm waiting
for time to move fast
Track Name: IV. Hook or Me This Time
You can't have an enemy
without a hero rooting for you!
Even evil's ever on your side
But all the nights of Ramadan,
the parties and the clay expressions,
walking you on in youthful life
Parry all my quick decisions,
rotting in your elder visions
of what was and what could have been
But on the sea, you called to me
in all your playful villainy
and how could I refuse
the promise of me and you?
A fight upon Mt. Lebanon,
the end was nigh, your hand was gone
Flying high, I forgot how to breathe
A roar over the sea below
You knicked my cap as I bent low
Dropped your eyes, so I
pulled down your greaves!
This time it's Hook or me!
Track Name: V. Her Mouth Was Full of Thimbles (Spring Cleaning)
For a moment
For a moment
Our doleful edges met
Queer and struck dry
by a gentle drought
Let the sound crush
over us
Let our laughter
be your home
A home that you can keep
And fly away with me
Whisper to me, still
from your window sill
Little secrets in my ear
We grow younger through the years
Mauve, blue, or white?
Shadows threaded to the light
And when Spring melts the snow
You'll hear me crow...
Track Name: VI. Take Your Medicine/Story of the Neverbird
I know you have to go
but maybe one last story?
The children all have gone to sleep
These corridors are ours alone
Our islands all have come true
And I love you
And you can drift ashore
but I'm too tired to swim anymore
but we can share this nest!
I have a short temper
And I'm tired
And you're tired
So let the waves sing us
to sleep
And I'm tired
And you're tired
So let's go
to sleep